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Product Engineering

Our expertise in providing Product Development Services for Enterprise and Startup’s Customers across globe with a strong team of Engineers who have proficiency in developing Products across Platforms giving a cutting edge to the stakeholders.

Our proven methodologies and best practises followed over a decade of Industry service especially in fast track product development expertise can help customers tune to the quick-to-market advantage and gain a firm footing in the market place. Our services to this segment of customers are focussed on Business success of the customer and we ensure the product is perfectly aligned to your target customers and market requirements with the big picture in mind. With our talented product development team comprising of Architects, UI, Development Professionals, QA and Business Analysts, we ensure that we provide the right technical expertise and business viability to deliver services that are technically unbeatable and commercially marketable.

Our engagement with your business extends well beyond product development as we work continuously with our customers to enhance product performance and underlying technologies. This ensures that your product remains effective and adapts to changing market scenarios and customer preferences.

Digital Transformation

Today’s dynamic business world with constant need for Customer Engagement, Businesses are transforming towards enhanced Digital World. Digital transformation has become an indispensable move for the sake of survival, and spend on IT digital transformation is no more seen as a Liability. It augments growth of businesses in today's competitive and rapidly evolving business environment.

Digital transformation is more about aligning your business with the expectation of customers and not just about establishing a strong presence in the digital world, thereby maximising the experience delivered to customers at various touch points. OKJ Tech’s extended team of digital transformation experts can help customers give their business the digital edge.

Startup Services

Startup’s had been our focus segment right from Validation of an Idea to Go to Market. Startups need focussed attention and mentoring until they get a firm holding of Business. At OKJ Tech, we invest time in our customer’s interests and ideas to craft an ideal product and guide their business towards success. With our dynamic team, unparalleled product development experience, and unique delivery approach we are ideally poised to develop prototypes, build minimum viable products and actual product Development in shortest possible time. We love to work with start-ups and develop innovative products to solve real world problems.

Artificial Intelligence

With the current trends poised towards Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing is a subset of Artificial Intelligence. Our extended team of professionals does extensive work in this area. Our strength lies in development of efficient and multi-purpose chatbots for retail, telecom, e-commerce, sales support and other domains with Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities that interact with humans and connect language with machine perceptions from back end systems.

Our strength is in parsers, POS taggers and Named Entity recognizers on different open source tools like Stanford NLP, OpenNLP, and NLTK.

Training and Quality Assurance

OKJ Tech is also accredited by Français authorities to provide professional training. Our quality management systems have been certified by the Réunion Region authorities as well as by the nationwide Datadock quality platform. As such, the costs of our training offering can be refunded under several existing professional training schemes.

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